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I’m sitting here with my two dogs next to me and it’s so quiet you can hear the river and the birds. This is wonderful.


Winter in Istanbul on Flickr.

Istanbul, Turkey. (2013)

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favourite book couples

  • tris x four (the divergent trilogy)

i’ll be your family now.

Sometimes i just want to change the fandom bc every time i come along or go into the Bayern tag there someone bitching around… what an annoyance.

I don’t even bother checking the Bayern tag anymore. I don’t even need to look for it cause the fighting is always on my dash……. 

But I still haven’t found who Erik Durm looks like but he reminds me of someone… 

Idk honestly said. I’m so tired of all this drama

Me too… now every time I come to tumblr there are people arguing over something really stupid and ugh it’s just ruining tumblr for me… 

I mean

I started thinking Erik Durm looks like Marek Suchy and then I ended up thinking Marek Suchy looks like Tiesto